The Grand Gala "Cortigiane a Palazzo" will bring in IN ONE MAGIC NIGHT the thrill of living the daily life of a Venetian courtesan. Charming and sensual, the ‘cortigiane oneste’ of Venice didn’t simply dispense erotic pleasures, they also held in their hands enormous power.

The Grand Gala will be held at “Cà Sagredo”, splendid XVIII century palazzo whose breathtaking staircase leads to elegant salons decorated with precious frescos; it is now an internationally renewed luxury hotel, where Lorenzo Quinn chose to set his spectacular sculptural installation, “Support”: two gigantic hands emerging from the waters of the Grand Canal to support the building and its secular history.

The courtesan, her awakening, make-up and dressing. And then the walk to the market, the dancing, the gaming, and her sensual moments. Scenes of sheer life offered to all our guests.

The ladies will dress and perfect their make-up and will try on exotic perfumes and essences with the assistance of elegant cicisbei. Their chevaliers will create, with the aid of savvy, matchmaking artisans, intriguing masks as gifts to their ladies, together with wonderful jewels. Everybody will gamble at the “Casin dei Nobili”, winning new, licentious emotions. All will dance, led by skilled masters and dancers, and later will lose themselves among the veils of the Oriental Belly dance. Thanks to their art and the novel flavours of the third millennium, talented Chefs will reinterpret ancient recipes.

Tasting, gambling, dancing, eros: without rules, or restrains.

“Semel in anno licet insanire”: once a year, everybody is allowed to behave crazily.

A mask can hide a patrician or a farmer - and often tricks and disguises would go far beyond it… Beware, ladies and gentlemen!

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The zest of taste


In the XVI century Venice became the centre of Italian gastronomic culture, thanks to some of the best cooks to be found in Europe at the time. One of them, Domenico Romoli, best known as the “Panunto”, authored a famous recipe book, La Singolar dottrina, that marked a turning point for Renaissance cuisine.

Published in 1560, the book by Panunto more than a simple collection of recipes was a veritable encyclopaedia of culinary knowledge, where the author addressed his readers sharing his knowledge and offering suggestions for a successful preparation of these dishes.


Damiano Bassano

Chef Damiano Bassano, a talented chef born in Puglia, built his expertise in several restaurants around the world, beginning his career in Paris and Strasbourg, then moving to the United States and Spain, where he worked in the three-starred restaurant of Ferran Adrià, in Catalonia. At Ca' Sagredo he leads the kitchen of Ristorante l'Alcova.

His kitchen is a laboratory: as Chef Bassano stated, “Experimenting leads to the creation of novel flavour combinations”.

Traditional Italian flavours, mixed and matched under his unique touch, are the distinctive traits of his cuisine, and his talent lies in transforming the humblest products in delicious dishes.

Like the cuisine in the Serenissima, open to cultures and flavours from around the world, the charm of the courtesans was multifaceted and sometimes conflicting: delicate and spicy, sweet and saucy … always intriguing.

This will therefore be a Chef’s dream, offered to our ladies and chevaliers: a unique, one-off experience of the senses, to be shared with special people.


Make-up, masks, costumes, jewels, perfumes … The props in the theatre play of living.



Dinner and Gala: 380€

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